Getting Started In S&M: 4 Fun Items To Get

6 August 2017
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Maybe you have become interested in the bondage and S&M lifestyle after seeing or reading 50 Shade of Grey.  It has entered into the mainstream and is gaining popularity. And if you are flirting with the idea of getting into S&M, then you will need to get some accessories and bondage kits for the bedroom. The trouble most people have is figuring out where to start. You don't want to jump into the really extreme stuff right away. It might be a bit too intense for you and your partner. So, you should stick to the more entry level gear. Here's a list of what you should.

Padded Restraints

A big part of S&M involves restraint. You can always use things like silk scarves, neckties, or even ropes, but you might want to stick to something that is designed specifically for the occasion. You can get a set of padded restraints. These are designed so that they won't hurt your partners ankles or wrists. You can secure the restraints to the bed post as well. They are long enough so that you won't have to make your partner uncomfortable (which is something an issue with short neckties or silk scarves).

Feather Tickler

Once your partner is restrained, you will want to use a tickler. You can get a feather tickler that is designed for S&M use. These have long handles so that you can stand from a distance and your partner won't be able to fell where the sensation will touch them ( as long as they are wearing a blindfold or bondage mask). The ticklers are flexible and some even have a double end with a small soft lash that can be use to light whipping.

Softwood Paddle

If you're looking to get into spanking, then you need to get a softwood paddle. The paddle has a more formal and serious vibe then your hand, and it works with the intense nature of S&M. You can bring it out of a drawer while your partner is tied up in restraints and play with it before commencing to spank them. The visual element of the paddle (as opposed to just your hand) adds to the fetish.

Breathable Bondage Mask

One of the most essential items for any S&M novice should be a breathable, comfortable bondage mask. You should steer clear of the super tight latex varieties, which are more geared towards seasoned practitioners. There are plenty of soft nylon and cloth masks that will work for couples who are just getting into the the scene. Make sure that you don't get one that has a restrictive breathing control; those are more for the serious connoisseurs . You want one with a completely open mouth opening.