What Flowers Should You Give?

18 May 2017
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In America, people are very lucky in that, whenever they want to give the gift of flowers, they can just pop into their local flower shop and place an order. However, knowing what flowers to order from the florist can sometimes be tricky, especially if you are unsure of what types of flowers the person you are giving them to prefers. Fortunately, though, every flower has a special meaning, so by educating yourself on these meanings, you can ensure that you always give the right flower to the right person.

Red Roses for the Beautiful

One of the most common flowers that people give is the red rose and for good reason. This elegant flower is meant to represent beauty, so, when you give it to someone, it is a signal that you think the person is beautiful or that you want the person to have beauty in his or her life.

Either way, you really can't go wrong with a red rose. These flowers are a true classic, and just about everybody loves them, making these flowers an excellent choice for almost any occasion or person.

White Calla Lilies for the Sweet

White calla lilies, with their tall form, are a popular flower to give in the spring. What you might not know, however, is that they symbolize purity of heart and mind, innocence, and fresh beginnings.

For this reason, white calla lilies are often a choice flower at weddings. However, they can also be a good option for any fresh start, like a first date, or for the birth or baptism of a baby. They can also be a nice flower to give when you just want to celebrate spring with your loved one.

Yellow Roses for Friendship

There's no denying that roses are a popular flower, but what you might not know is that yellow roses have a very different meaning from red roses. The yellow flowers of this variety are representative of friendship and can and should be given as a token of friendship.

Whether you're giving them to a new friend, to an old friend who is ill or going through a hard time, or anything in between, yellow roses are a great way to prove what a wonderful friend you are.

These are just a few examples of different flower meanings; there are so many others. If your perfect flower wasn't covered here, remember that your florist can always help you to pick the perfect flower or flowers for your purposes.