Decorate With Holiday Figurines In A Unique Way

28 September 2017
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Part of the fun of the fall and winter holidays is getting to decorate your house to give it a special holiday look. If you are wanting to decorate a little differently this year, think of using decorative holiday figurines in a unique way. From Halloween ghosts and witches to Christmas snowmen and religious figurines, here are some ideas that might help you.

Of course, it's fun to do traditional Halloween decorating that involves carving pumpkins and putting artificial spider webs in strategic places. However, give this Halloween a new and different twist.

  • Think of placing sets of ceramic witches on an actual broom handle and then adhering a black and orange ribbon to the broom.
  • Another idea is to buy small scarecrow figurines and then place them inside a carved Halloween pumpkin.
  • Hang little ghost figurines in strategic places through the living areas of your home.
  • Consider using an assortment of Halloween figurines to top a cake you have topped with orange frosting.

When you think about Thanksgiving, you probably focus on the centerpiece on the table where you east your feast with friends and family members. Think of original ways that you can add a decorative touch with Thanksgiving-themed figurines.

  • Think of using a turkey platter as the base of your centerpiece. 
  • Place large pilgrims in the center and then surround them with beautiful fall leaves.
  • Consider putting a small turkey or pilgrim figurine at each person's place setting.
  • Another idea is to tie a porcelain fall leaf onto each guest's dinner napkin.

What could be more festive than Christmas decorations? There are so many choices that you might have trouble deciding which ones to use. The good thing is that holiday figurine sets are very affordable, so you can buy multiple sets.

  • If you collect nativity sets, consider mixing figurines from different sets. 
  • For example, select a large figurine of Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus.
  • Surround the three larger figurines with small figurines from other nativity sets.
  • Figurines of things like Santa, penguins and snowmen are also fun holiday figurines. And you can misx and match those sets as well.

Think of using decorative holiday figurines for gifts, too.  For example, if you are a guest in somebody's home, bring a set of figurines as a thank you gesture. Wrap small holiday figurines individually so that you'll be ready to give gifts to friends and family members as party favors and as stocking stuffers.