Tips for Caring for Your Antler Lights

21 March 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you are an active hunter and enjoy other outdoor sports, you may want to decorate your home or cabin to reflect this interest. In particular, antler lights are a unique way of providing the interior of a building with an outdoor theme decor. Unfortunately, there are people that can neglect to properly care for their antler lights, which can lead to them suffering damage or excessive wear.

Protect Antler Lights from Changes in Temperature and Humidity

Excessive changes in the temperature or humidity can have negative effects on natural products like antlers. Over time, it can be possible for these changes to cause the antler to split, crack, or become discolored. Because of the likelihood of damage, it can be worth the effort to position these lights where they will have stable temperature and humidity levels. For example, position the lights so that they are not directly in front of heating vents or near windows.

Dust the Lights on a Regular Basis

Dust can be surprisingly damaging to these lights. It is possible for dust particles to draw the moisture and natural oils out of the antlers, which can cause them to become excessively brittle. Regularly dusting the antler lights is essential to avoiding this type of damage. When dusting the antlers, you should use a microfiber cloth or a feather duster. Avoid using cotton cloths, as these materials can be surprisingly abrasive. In fact, they can leave deep scuff marks in the antlers that may not be able to be removed.

Keep the Lights out of Reach of Pets

If you have pets, there is a strong chance that they may be attracted to your antler lights. This is largely due to the smell of these lights. Unfortunately, your pet's curiosity can put them at risk of breaking or otherwise damaging these lights by chewing on them or knocking them over. For this reason, you should position these lights where your pets will be unable to reach them. If this is not possible, you should apply a pet repellent to them that will discourage the animals from chewing on the antlers.

Antler lights can be an excellent way of giving your interior space a unique and woodsy aesthetic. However, these lights require some special care to keep them in good working condition. By appreciating the fact that these lights must be protected against temperature and humidity changes, dust, and your pets, it will be easier to get the best return on your investment in these lights. For more information contact companies like Crooked Creek Antler Art.