Are You Taking A Long Trip With Your Family?

7 January 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Are you already planning your summer family vacation? If so, will you be traveling a long distance? Whether you go by train, by bus, by car or whether you go by plane, you are probably already considering ways that you can make the long ride a more pleasant one for you and your other family members. From buying inflatable travel neck pillows for each member of your family to planning fun activities for the trip, here are some ideas that might help you.

Travel In Comfort - Have you ever used an inflatable travel neck pillow? If so, you already know how much more comfortable a trip will be when you use one. If you haven't used a neck pillow before, you'll more than likely be surprised at how wonderful they are. Inflatable travel neck pillows are super easy to pack because you can collapse them when you aren't using them. In addition, they are so affordable that it probably won't be a problem to buy one for each member of your family. 

Think of buying each person a light blanket for the trip, too. Even though it might be hot outside, air conditioning can make a trip downright uncomfortable. Think of marking the blankets in a way that each member of the family will always end up with the same one. For example, you could select a different color for each family member. Another idea is to simply sew a different button on each blanket, something small but easily seen.

Trip Activities - Boredom sometimes becomes a big issue on a long trip. Think of bringing tiny travel games that your children can play by themselves. Choose magnetic ones that will adhere to a travel tray, too. Do you remember playing games with your family when you were little? If so, you probably have fond memories of that time spent together. Think of what you played back in those days? For example, did you play, I Spy? If you loved that activity, your kids probably will, too. 

Besides games that can be played solo or as a family, think of other ways you and each family member can pass the time. For example, buy each person a notebook that can be used for anything from drawing pictures to making a wish list of what each family member wants to do while on vacation. The notebook can also serve as a trip journal. When the kids get tired, or when you are tired, you'll always have your inflatable travel neck pillow so you can snooze for awhile.