Planning Your Vacation Wardrobe? Why You Need To Choose Microfiber Shirts

13 October 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Winter might be in full swing right now, but now's the time to start planning your next summer vacation. If you're going to be heading to Florida, you'll need shirts that can stand up to all the activities you have planned for your vacation, which is where microfiber comes into the picture. Here are just four of the reasons why you should choose microfiber shirts. 


When it comes to getting the most out of your vacation, you want to make sure that the clothes you pack will be as durable as possible. While many fabrics are designed to hold up through some summer activities, they're not necessarily equipped to hold up to everything, which is why microfiber is so valuable. Microfiber is extremely durable, which means your shirts won't wrinkle or wear out while you're on vacation. 

Stain Resistance

If you're going on vacation, you'll be participating in a lot of activities. Some of those activities could leave your clothes covered in dirt, food, and other substances. The last thing you want is to have those activities permanently stain your new shirts. One of the great things about microfiber is that it's stain resistant. That means, dirt, food, and even wine will wash right out of our shirts. Because of that stain resistance, you'll be able to wear your new shirts long after your vacation has ended.

Moisture Wicking

Summers in Florida can be quite hot and humid. However, not all fabrics are designed to withstand the sweat that your body is sure to generate. Unfortunately, some of the shirts you'll wear may leave you feeling hot and sticky, and smelling less than fresh. Luckily, microfiber provides maximum moisture wicking, which means that sweat will stay off your body, leaving you feeling cooler and dryer. 

All-Weather Wear

Depending on when you'll be visiting Florida, you may experience some significant temperature changes. For instance, you may notice that the nights and early mornings are cooler, while temperatures increase dramatically throughout the day. Because of those temperature changes, you want to make sure that the shirts you wear are able to provide comfort throughout the day. Microfiber shirts are designed to provide all-weather wear, which means they'll keep you comfortable, regardless of the daily temperature changes. 

Now that you're planning your next summer vacation, be sure to pack a few Florida camo microfiber shirts. They'll provide the durability you need, with the moisture wicking and stain resistance you want from your summer wardrobe choices.