What Kinds Of Places Give You Cash For Gold?

5 April 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Gold is valuable. That's no secret. However, gold does not do you a lot of good if you just hold onto it and let it sit in your drawer! If you have some gold jewelry, coins, or other items that don't mean a lot to you and that you are not using, then you might as well sell them and use the money for something more important. This is easier than you might think since there are a variety of places that will give you cash for gold.

Jewelry Stores

A lot of smaller, locally owned jewelry stores will buy gold jewelry for cash. A few will even buy gold coins. What they do with the jewelry will depend on its condition, what it looks like, and what the shop's current needs are. They may fix up and sell some really unique pieces directly to customers. Older, broken jewelry may get melted down and used to either repair other jewelry or make new jewelry. As such, you can take both intact and broken jewelry to a jewelry store that buys gold and expect them to pay you cash for it. Often, they pay the same price based on weight, regardless of what state the jewelry is in.

Coin Shops

Coin shops are usually more than happy to give you cash for your gold coins. Some coins are worth more than their weight in gold because they are rare or are sought after by collectors. So, by taking your gold coins to a dedicated coin shop, you may be able to earn even more for them than you thought. Don't worry whether the coins are old, new, American, or foreign — if they are gold, they are worth cash.

Pawn Shops

If you need your cash fast and you don't want to wait while an expert is called in to appraise your item, then consider taking your gold items to a pawn shop. A pawn shop won't typically pay you quite as much as a specialty coin or jewelry store would, but they do pay fast, and they are sometimes easier to find than specialty stores. Plus, if you change your mind and want your gold item back, you can go back within a certain period and buy it back with interest.

If you don't need a gold item, then you might as well sell it for cash. Coin stores, jewelry shops, and pawn stores are all happy to oblige.