A Guide On Silicone Smoking Pipes With Removable Glass Bowls

24 June 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

There are many smoking devices in the market. However, the quality of such devices often depends on the materials used to make the product. One of the most popular smoking devices is silicone pipes with removable glass bowls. The smoking pipes come in different sizes, colors, and unique styles. Essentially, the safety of any smoking device depends on the features and handling. Here are some key insights about using silicone smoking pipes with removable glass bowls

What Is Silicone? 

One cannot fully appreciate a silicone pipe without first understanding silicone and its properties. Essentially, silicone is an artificial material commonly used to manufacture many food-safe materials for home and commercial use. The silicone element consists of silicon and oxygen that form a polymer. Many tests have certified silicone as a safe product for human use. 

Here are the common properties that make silicone suitable for different uses: 

  • Low reaction to chemicals
  • High thermal stability and low conductivity
  • High resistance to UV light
  • High water resistance
  • Deterrence to microbial growth 

Why Purchase a Silicone Pipe? 

Silicone pipes use food-grade silicone, which makes them safe for smoking. Broadly, the silicone attributes make the smoking pipe very stable and chemically inert. Another critical feature of silicone pipes with removable glass bowls is that they are heat-resistant. Typically, the smoking pipes can withstand as much heat as twice the temperature of boiling water. Thus, you are sure that the silicone smoking pipe will not degrade because of heat nor leak toxins. In addition, the glass bowl on the silicone pipe cannot shatter due to heat and is designed to ensure a clean burn. 

How to Care for your Silicone Pipe?

You will get to use the silicone pipes with removable glass bowls for a long duration with optimal care. More so, taking care of your silicone pipe has health benefits. Below are some typical maintenance procedures for a silicone pipe:


One should develop a habit of cleaning the silicone pipe regularly. Ordinarily, the silicone pipe will get dirty due to regular use. A dirty silicone pipe gets clogged and releases minimal smoke when using it. Fortunately, cleaning a smoking pipe with a dishwasher is straightforward. Also, you can do manual cleaning by holding the smoking pipe under running water to remove the dirt inside. Besides, do not forget to clean or wipe the glass bowl. Moreover, it is advisable to wash your hand before handling the mouthpiece to minimize contaminants. 


Safe storage is a standard procedure for handling silicone pipes with removable glass bowls. The best way to keep the silicone pipe is in a casing that prevents dust and for convenience during traveling. More so, store it in a cabinet or shelf when you're not using it to avoid fall accidents. In this way, you can minimize the chances of damages.

Ultimately, silicone pipes with removable glass bowls are safe and enjoyable to use. Importantly, you should take care of your silicone pipe through proper storage and regular cleaning for durability and hygiene.