3 Things To Look For When Shopping For Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Watches

19 April 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

One of the more unique and vibrant stones available for jewelry is known as Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The sky blue color and vivid design stand out on many pieces of jewelry, especially when used in a watch band. As you shop for a Sleeping Beauty turquoise watch, learn what to look for and how to choose the best stone style for your jewelry.

1. Authentic Sleeping Beauty Stones

The Sleeping Beauty stones get their name from a very specific mine located in the town of Globe, Arizona. The mine is known as the Sleeping Beauty mine and was one of the exclusive areas to find vivid turquoise stones. As you shop for a Sleeping Beauty stone watch, you want to confirm the stones are authentic and from the mine and not a reproduced stone.

To create a pattern, the stones are often polished and trimmed down to get matching shapes. Jewelry workers can work with the materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces. As you shop, you may notice the price for Sleeping Beauty turquoise has risen. The price increase is due to the close of the mine in Globe, Arizona, making the stones a little rarer.

2. Matrix Style Stones

When you pick out a jewelry piece like a watch, you need to decide if you want stones with a pure color or stones that feature a matrix pattern. A matrix pattern makes the rock look more natural and often features a dark web-like pattern through the stone. When stones feature matrix patterns, each pattern is unique and makes every stone look different.

The stones have more contract on them and are usually paired with darker-toned metals.

3. Stone Placement

A turquoise stone watch will typically feature the stones around the band of the watch. The stones are often placed in metal settings to secure the rocks in place. The metal settings connect to each other and offer flexibility when wearing the watch. The stones are rarely set on their own, unlike a turquoise stone bracelet which may feature a bead style.

The stones are often identical in shape and design, but you can find some watches that emphasize bigger stones on the areas right near the watch face. As you shop, check out the whole picture gallery to see all the different angles of the watch and get a better idea of how the stones are placed.

When you own a piece of turquoise jewelry — such as a Sleeping Beauty turquoise watch — you will own a bright and vivid watch that you can wear often and enjoy every day.